Choc Ripple Cake information

The Choc Ripple Cake is an Australian classic. Made out of a packet of Arnott’s Choc Ripple biscuits covered in cream, they are a simple but delicious dessert that have been whipped up over the years for all sorts of occasions. The biscuits in the cake are arranged into a log and coated on both sides with whipped cream. They are then put together, face to face, to create the unique long, rectangular shape of the Choc Ripple Cake. When the biscuits have all been placed the final step is to add more cream, covering over any spots where the dark biscuit shows through!

After the cake has been put together it is put into the refrigerator to let it cool. This cooling allows the cream to melt into the biscuits, making them softer and infusing them with a creamy flavour. In the USA a similar cake, the Icebox Cake, is named for this reason. A variety of the recipe is also found in the United Kingdom where it goes under the name ‘Zebra Cake’. The American version, however, uses a different style of local biscuit produced by Nabisco called the ‘Famous Chocolate Wafer’.

There are many tasty variations on the classic Choc Ripple recipe. Ingredients such as milk or dark chocolate, raspberries and different flavoured puddings are used in addition to the cream and biscuits. Combinations of Choc Ripple as well as Butternut Snaps are also a popular modification of the original recipe. An alcoholic version of the cake is also made, using Bailey’s Chocolate Cream to give the dessert an adult twist.

For a no-nonsense recipe for Choc Ripple we can recommend Arnott’s recipe (see below). The recipe also includes ideas for garnishing your Choc Ripple Cake for Christmas.

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