Strawberry Creme Wafers

Three Stars
Strawberry Creme Wafers
Woolworths extremely cheap Strawberry Creme Wafers are a cheap and cheerful addition to the supermarkets homebrand product line. Each wafer finger is made up of two pieces of pink, strawberry flavoured wafer stuck together with a strawberry filling. The pack is crammed full of these wafers, and I almost lost a fair amount of them to the floor when I tore open the packet (buyer beware!). The plain packaging is a sign that some of the quality has been lost in the hunt for a low shelf price, but luckily Woolworths did not sacrifice too much.

The wafer was crisp and crunchy, with no signs of staleness or softness, and were flavoured with a diluted strawberry flavour. The filling that held the two sides together was also lightly flavoured and was sweet and smooth; its purpose was only to proivde a medium to break up the crunch and stick the two sides together. The biscuit on the whole was quite plain as the flavouring was only just detectible when munching down on the wafers. Although they were sweet this lack of flavour led to them becoming rather monotonous to eat after only a few short biscuits.

Each of the Creme Wafers was around the size of a finger, and there were a multitude in the packet (I counted twenty). For the intensely low price of 65 cents and with a decent amount of biscuits included in the packet, it is hard not to recommend these to buy to have around the house or at the workplace. The quality isn’t all there, but Woolworths has made up for some of the wafers shortcomings by pricing this product extremely competitively. The Strawberry Creme Wafers from Woolworths may not be the greatest biscuits available, but for the price they definitely worth a try.

  • Price per packet: $0.65
  • Biscuits in the pack: 20
  • Weight: 125g
  • Energy (100g): 2160kj
  • Total fat (100g): 24.8g