Select Choc Chunk Cookies

  • Four Stars
    Select Choc Chunk Cookies

    These Woolworths ‘Select’ branded cookies are a traditional chocolate chip cookie. They are average sized cookies with a fair helping of chocolate chips in each one. These are fairly good biscuits. The dough, chocolate chips and price all combine to make these a good buy.

    The dough balances the crunchiness and softness of the cookie perfectly. This is helped by the large amount of chocolate chips that each cookies contains. The chocolate is not of a very high quality, but the amount of it makes up for this shortcoming. The box that the cookies are packed into also looks like a premium product, with subtle gradients and rich colours.

    Compared to most other cookies available, these are comparatively very good. If you are after a large box of decent chocolate chip cookies these are a good choice. The quality is definitely up there for a supermarkey biscuit, and these are definitely the best biscuits that i have tried from Woolworths to date.

    • Price per packet: $3.79
    • Biscuits in the pack: 21
    • Weight: 310g
    • Energy (100g): 2020kJ
    • Total fat (100g): 21.7g