Chocolate Sandwich

Three Stars
Chocolate Sandwich
The Chocolate Sandwich is another product from Woolworths Select line of products. These biscuits, however, are fare from the Woolworths moniker that brands the biscuits packaging. The Chocolate Sandwich is a Tim Tam-like biscuit that, like the Tim Tam, is a chocolate covered, multi-layered biscuit with a chocolate flavoured filling. Unlike the Tim Tam, which Arnott’s do admittedly sell at a premium to other comparable biscuits, the Chocolate Sandwich is made up on what appear to be inferior quality ingredients. This apparent lack leads to the biscuits being hard and dry, with none of the softness associated with good biscuit covering chocolate.

The coating used is a dark chocolate and upon opening the packet that I had purchased for review I discovered that it had become discoloured. The chocolate was covered in those ugly white marks that occur when chocolate has been heated then cooled, allowing the cocoa butter to leech out of the chocolate. Although it has no detrimental effects the ugly white marks left do not exude the quality that would be expected from a product labelled as ‘Select’. The taste of the biscuit was lacking. Instead of a rich chocolatey flavour there was instead little to no flavour at all. Occasionally there would be a hint of sweetness from the chocolate filling, but on the whole the biscuits that I tested were fairly lightly flavoured.

The price and biscuits included in each packet is decent. At $1.99 for ten biscuits they are priced slightly higher than they should, especially considering the quality of the biscuit. All considered these are not biscuits that I can recommend as there is simply just too many things against them. They are definitely not a bad biscuit, but with all the factors there is really no reason to buy them, especially considering competing biscuits such as Arnott’s Tim Tams and Coles Caramel Deluxe.

  • Price per packet: $1.99
  • Biscuits in the pack: 10
  • Weight: 200g
  • Energy (100g): 1960Kj
  • Total fat (100g): 19.3g