Homestyle Creamies – Raspberry Jam & Whipped Cream

Five Stars
Homestyle Creamies - Raspberry Jam & Whipped Cream
White Wings have created a fantastic product in their Raspberry Jam & Whipped Cream biscuits. They are look and feel like a premium product and are delicious. They are a thick, two part biscuit with a filling of fake cream and little chewy dots of raspberry jam. This marriage of a crunchy shortbread biscuit, with the soft, fluffy and sweet cream as well as the chewy morsels of raspberry jam make are a fantastic combination.

There are only eight biscuits in the packet, but the quality of the biscuits more than make up for that, in my opinion. For the quality of the ingredients and the taste of the biscuit it makes sense for the price per biscuit to be slightly higher to others. The delightful mixture of the chewy raspberry drops and the crunchy biscuit make for a fantastic biscuit.

All in all I can recommend this biscuit to anyone looking for something slightly more premium than your average fare. For the fairly low asking price of this product it is more than worth its cost. This is a true five star product and I cannot recommend the Homestyle Creamies enough.

  • Price per packet: $2.49
  • Biscuits in the pack: 8
  • Weight: 200g
  • Energy (100g): 2060kJ
  • Total fat (100g): 22.8g