Double Stuff Oreo

Three Stars
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Double Stuff Oreo’s are Oreo’s with a very slight difference: there is twice as much filling between each of the biscuits. If you are a fan of Oreos the extra filling does add another layer of sugariness to the biscuit as well as an extra few millimetres of bite.

The filling is the traditional cream flavoured offering that is standard in most Oreo biscuits. The added thickness of the middle filling does detract somewhat from the biscuit, making it seem as though you are biting through a thick layer of sugary fat. Otherwise they are like any other Oreo. If you are a fan of the classic Oreo cookie then by all means try out these. But if you have not time for them your’e opinion will not be changed by this offering from Nabisco.

  • Price per packet: $2.49
  • Biscuits in the pack: 13
  • Weight: 185g
  • Energy (100g): 2090kJ
  • Total fat (100g): 23.4g