Cream Shorties

Three Stars
Cream Shorties
Cream Shorties are a rectangular biscuit with a cream filling. They are sold in a large packet. The biscuit is a lighter shortbread style and the cream is very sweet with a certain amount of undissolved sugar inside of it. The biscuits are crumbly and thick and are easy to bite through.

They are quite a plain biscuit, with little flavour to differentiate them from the crowd of other biscuits. They are a sound choice to have with a warm drink and there are a good amount of them per packet. If you are shopping for a relatively cheap, simple biscuit to have at hand for a snack or to have with a cuppa these biscuits will suit your needs perfectly.

  • Price per packet: $2.26
  • Biscuits in the pack: 15
  • Weight: 250g
  • Energy (100g): 2170kJ
  • Total fat (100g): 27.5g