Chocolate Mint Supremes

Three Stars
Chocolate Mint Supremes
Coles Chocolate Mint Supremes are the supermarket giant’s attempt at recreating a Mint Slice. Like the Mint Slice they are made up of a mint creme and chocolate biscuit interior coated in dark chocolate. In this respect they are exactly like the original.

However in pretty much every respect they are an inferior product. The chocolate that is used is of a lower quality, as is the biscuit (which did not provide as satisfying of a crunch as the Arnott’s variety). The mint creme tastes almost identical and does provide that invigorating burst of minty flavour into an otherwise heavy, chocolatey biscuit.

Even on price they are trumped. Buying the two packets on the same day at the same store showed an interesting difference: The Coles branded biscuits were 51 cents dearer than their Arnott’s competitors and they also had one less biscuit per packet.

There is no reason that I could or can see to buy these over Arnott’s Mint Slices. They are in every way a worse product for the consumer. If your on the look out for this style of biscuit, go for the Mint Slice; there is no reason not to chose it over the Chocolate Mint Supremes.

  • Price per packet: $2.51
  • Biscuits in the pack: 12
  • Weight: 200g
  • Energy (100g): 2140kJ
  • Total fat (100g): 19.4g