Biscuits are Australia’s favourite snack.

In other parts of the world, many of these delicious baked foods are known as cookies.

Biscuits also include savoury as well as sweet.

Check out our Biscuit Brands section to get information on different biscuit brands and varieties. Each biscuit page includes dietary information and a short review.

Cottage Cookies

If you’re wondering what biscuits to buy or avoid our 5 star rating system provides an easy way for you to quickly make the right decision. Here’s a quick overview of how we rate our biscuits:

5 Stars – An excellent biscuit that we recommend highly. High quality ingredients which almost always lead to a delicious biscuit. An instant favourite.

4 Stars – A good biscuit that despite some issues (e.g. price, quantity) is worth buying. A product that you would probably buy again.

3 Stars – An average biscuit. OK but nothing special. Either plain and utterly inoffensive or just boring.

2 Stars – A bad biscuit. Only worth buying if required or if it is heavily discounted. Good for eating only when you’re desperate.

1 Star – A terrible biscuit. Do not buy this product under any circumstance. These biscuits are usually so bad that the family does not usually finish the whole packet.